Friday, April 21, 2017

Dear Change Agent: Heal these Two Thinking Viruses that Get in the Way of Collaborative Relationships!

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Going to the next DEEP Awareness of Collaboration & WHAT GETS IN THE WAY of authentic collaborations...I challenge you to read this next dose of this blog series I am writing on Collaboration.  

(I encourage you to go back and read the last 2....this is like a MASTER CLASS on Collaboration and generally, on human interaction:  Dear Change Agent: Purposefully Build Relationships  and Dear Change Agent: What You Seek is Finding You! )

Today I offer you two key Mental Viruses that hinder us in our relationships and in our potential collaborations.  Please take the time to read this closely with the intent of finding something you can APPLY so that you TRANSFORM!

1. Too often, we are afraid we will be judged or we are afraid of what the other person will think. So, we hold back in an interaction...worrying...getting stuck in our head -- listening to the voice of our Inner Critic, "They may not like you....they may think you are crazy...they may not accept your ideas...they may tell others negative things about you..." 

When we worry about what others think, (FEAR and SELF-DOUBT), we can't be present and we are in our heads rather than paying attention to what is happening in the moment between us and the other person. It is hard to have a genuine interaction when we are stuck in low-self esteem.

Antidote: Notice your self-judgment. Tune in to the voice of the Inner Critic. Thank this voice for showing you, guiding you to what still needs to be healed within yourself. Then, work on a deeper level of accepting yourself for who you are, where you are on the journey. Become more and more comfortable in your own skin. When this happens, you show up genuine, confident and knowing your own value. If that was the case, how might your relationships transform?

2. We think there is a "Hierarchy" -- "some are better than others -- because of wealth, status, skills and progress of career etc." Hmmmm. Question that one. Listen: we all come in naked and guess what? In the casket, we are all going back with nothing in our hands. Each and every person on the planet is a grand spirit! 

Some of us are born into poverty, others are born with a silver spoon in our mouths. Our level of wealth has nothing to do with our worthiness. Now, society and humanity have thought patterns that people have bought into that you may have allowed to INFECT YOUR THINKING. Notice if you still are bought into a "hierarchical thinking" based on external factors.

Listen - some of us when we get even a little bit of success -- we start to treat others different. We think we are now "big men" or "big women" and perhaps we become the oppressor since we have been oppressed by others who treated us that way. Here is a test for you: How do you treat a waiter in a restaurant? Or a driver of your car or bus? If you aren't treating them with total respect and human dignity, you may be infected with this hierarchical thinking. If you look down on anyone because of their appearance, or their status, your mind is infected.

If you feel less than compared to someone who is older or who seems more successful than you -- you are INFECTED with this mental virus.

If you feel more than another human being -- you are INFECTED with this mental virus.

Please, abeg: Clean up this thinking.

Antidote: We are all equal. We are all intrinsically valuable, born worthy ---regardless of our outer circumstances. So, regardless of age, status, family you were born into: KNOW YOUR INTRINSIC VALUE. You are acceptable and worthy just as you are right now. OF COURSE--WE ALL have room to grow, to become more of our best selves. Show up and have total dignity and TREAT OTHERS WITH TOTAL DIGNITY.

I really hope you are paying attention and EXTRACTING value -- trying these ideas out. If you are, you know you are transforming from within...and you WILL get new results in your life.

Dearest Human Family: please question any remaining self-doubt or self-judgment. If you want to transform your relationships and grow in your personal power...the truths I just mentioned to you above are essential to embody. 

If you want to be wise in your collaborations -- you will show up to the moment with your eyes wide open...reading the energy of the other person...listening to what is actually being said...and seeing if you are being GUIDED to collaboration or Guided away from collaboration. Remember, the people in this family do not THROW PEARLS TO SWINE ;) 

It is not EVERYONE that we will join together with in collaboration. 

Yet, at the same time, we can bring compassionate acceptance to each person we encounter and in doing so, we SEE the level of consciousness the other person is at and we can make a good, wise assessment and BE KIND at the same time, offering others the gift of our total presence. Just doing this all day, every day, will bring transformation to the planet. 

How does it feel when someone genuinely interacts with you and you feel their acceptance? Doesn't it lift you up and change you inside? Energize you? This is what we can give as we walk the planet all day, every day.

Ok. Deep stuff. What did you take from this? What inner work is needed in your mindset and thinking? If you do the inner work, the outer results will astound you.

With total love and awe of YOU, 

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr. 

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