Friday, January 20, 2017

Get Beyond Thinking Blocks - Live Purpose Now!

The journey of living one's purpose is not only about serving others.  It is also about personal awakening and unfolding into one's full potential.

Too often I have seen within myself, that my thinking about purpose is part of what has gotten in my own way of simply being the best version of a joyful me I can be.

The more I've journeyed down this road of clarifying and living my purpose, the more I've been challenged to become aware of ideas that cause me stress, dis-ease within myself and rob my joy.  When my energy is being sapped, I can't fully live my purpose.

As I have identified these thought patterns, I've awakened to a new thought system that allows me more and more, to accept the circumstances I am in so that I show up FULLY to live my purpose joyfully and boldy in the here and now.

I'd like to unmask quickly a few thinking shifts that have been radical for me...and hard-earned through tearful, stressful moments of dealing with my inner pain and confusion.  I hope that in offering these to you perhaps you can avoid some of this stress and simply embrace these ideas and become more free today than ever to enjoy the unfolding of your purpose today.

1.  Somehow we have been duped by the World's thought patterns that lure us into believing that living one's purpose must be a grand, center-stage experience.  We think that if we aren't in the spotlight or if we aren't doing spectacular feats of loving kindness, then we somehow aren't manifesting our purpose.  When I discovered my deeper purpose in 2002, I saw a clear vision of speaking on large stages all across the World.  I knew that I'd be writing and coaching...that I would have the opportunity to touch others and help them in living their full potential.  It was an exciting, grand dream that emerged from the depths of my soul.  When all of this didn't unfold immediately, I thought something must be wrong with me or that I must be doing something wrong.  My judgment of my circumstances and of the pace at which I thought my purpose should be unfolding drained my energy.  I was constantly searching for ways to create and make happen that future picture I had been shown.

Then, I began to ask myself, "Why would it matter how big the audiences are?  What if instead, I simply understood that I can be used in my current circumstances?  What if my current circumstances ARE the stage that has been designed for me?"

Whether I am formally speaking in front of an audience or simply sharing ideas in a loving conversation with a colleague, family member of friend, I AM living my purpose.  I realized that as I accepted my life situation and relaxed into it, as I allowed myself to feel free to share love with who was with me in the place I was, that beautiful, touching opportunities to live my purpose were right in front of me.  And, as I enjoyed those purposeful moments of connection, I was being deepened, trained and prepared for whatever was to come in my path ahead.

I shifted my belief about my purpose to the following:  I am called to live my purpose in the here and now.  The circumstances I am in, the people I am surrounded by ARE the place I am called to.  I show up fully embodying my loving purpose and enjoy any opportunities that appear to be my best self and encourage others to do the same.

(This shift has brought me incredible inner freedom.  And, as I have followed my inner guidance and been at peace with my Here and Now, over time remarkable opportunities have emerged--yes, even ones to speak to big audiences, be on TV and have my writing appear on national stages.)

2.  I used to believe that my purpose was something I DID and it was something that was Public.  When I found my purpose I was in a corporate management job.  I felt that the job I was in was an obstacle to what I "really want to do with my life in living my purpose."  So, I felt frustrated.  I wanted to get out of my "corporate prison."  I felt that I was not in full alignment with my purpose if I wasn't living it in a specific arena of  professional work.  If I couldn't leave my job and live my purpose full-time in a specific way, then I couldn't be fulfilled.  I compartmentalized living my purpose to only the professional aspect of my life.

Over the years, I saw myself judging other ways I spent my time as a "Waste of my Time."  I felt that certain aspects of my life were in the way of living my purpose.

Over the past few years a tremendous shift has happened with in me.  I have come to realize that I AM my purpose.  My purpose is not something I do.  My purpose is WHO I am in all areas of living:  as a mom, as a spouse, in my spiritual path, in my friendships, in the fun I have.  I am the embodiment of my purpose.  And, my purpose, at it's deepest core is to LOVE all the time using the unique gifts, skills and passion I have.  I can do this in ALL arenas of my life naturally if I show up as my BEST SELF and relax and open.  I can offer my love fully and completely where I am with who I am with.

More and more I realize that belief systems that I unconsciously took on from the World around me have caused me incredible stress and fear, have caused me to judge myself and be my own-worst enemy.  Yet, as I took the time to look within and understand the thinking at the root of this distress, I discovered the greatest opportunities to break-through my own limitations and allow the fullness of my life experience to emerge one loving moment at a time.

I pray that in sharing these shifts in thinking on purpose with you that you are able to find greater freedom and fulfillment in BEING YOUR PURPOSE more fully and gracefully in the here and now.  The only moment any of us have is NOW.

Imagine if more of us showed up stress-free, joyful and open to whatever the NOW offered to us?
Imagine how much more of our loving presence could flow through us if we realized that we are where we are meant to be right now?

I wish you increasing joy, peace and understanding of how to bring your full, LOVING self to this and every moment as you move forward on your journey,

Please comment if these ideas resonate with you.  I coach people through this amazing journey to waking up to purpose and then living it fully every single day.  I'm an email away if you need support and guidance as you move deeply and boldy into PURPOSE.

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Encouraging You: The More We Get Together, The Happier We Will Be

Each morning as I drive my 2 year old to her daycare, we have the same discussion.  I ask her, "Sage, what are you looking forward to today?"

She replies, "Friends!"

So, then we discuss by name each of her classmates and teachers and with each person I mention, she says their name and then smiles and laughs as she thinks of them.

She also regularly sings the Barney song, "The more we get together, together, together...the more we get together, the happier we'll be."

These situations coincide with powerful research I've been reading in the Positive Psychology realm that demonstrates the importance of Social Connection.  Part of thriving is having relationships.  Yet, in this current age, often our closest relationship is with our electronic devises.  We spend more time in the digital world surfing than we do in the present moment noticing and interacting with people around us.

What if we became more present and opened our hearts to noticing simple opportunities to connect deeply to those around us?

What if we put away our devices while traveling and actively chatted with strangers?

What if when we are home, we turned off the tv and had deep, loving, curious interactions with our spouses and children?

What if we took time to think of the people in our lives and how much joy could be possible if we consciously and creatively invested in those relationships?

Having loving interactions brings us back to a sense of "WE"....and it takes us out of "I" mode.

And, just notice the irony of the image above:

When "I" is replaced by "WE" even illness becomes wellness.

If you feel life isn't "rich" enough or "interesting" enough or "exciting enough" these days -- perhaps there is a simple solution:  invest your time and attention in fostering loving, heart-centered interactions with the people around you.

I'll be doing so with Sage in my little part of the World :)

With all my love,
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wake up - The Sad Truth: You May Have Been Brainwashed with HEAVY, SERIOUS, ANXIOUS Thoughts

I've spent a lot of time the past week helping people who are stuck in over-thinking, who are mired by fear and anxiety, who are worn out from their mental patterns.

Today I am sharing free flowing thoughts on the need and power of transforming our thoughts one at a time.


Let all layers of seriousness fall away.

You’ve been brainwashed with heavy beliefs—taking yourself and life far too seriously.

This heavy energy makes life feel hard.

What a contrast it is to see an exuberant child.
Lighthearted, free, not yet brain-washed with fear, stress and worry.

Why not return to your original essence?
Why not move from joy, creativity and think of your work and your purpose as Big-Kid playing?

How might your days change and transform if you were more upbeat and happy in your approach?

Couldn’t you achieve the same outcomes but do so from well-being and thriving rather than stress and strain?

Yes, it seems radical.
It goes against the status quo.
But has the status quo been working for humanity?
Disease, war, distress…lonlinesss, mental health crisis plagues humanity.
Clearly the thought patterns and belief systems adhered to now for generations have spun out of control.

Step back.
Know the results you desire to experience.
Know the energy you want to feel in your mind, body and spirit every day.
Then, re-create your own way of thinking – thinking that allows you to thrive no matter the outer circumstances.
Thinking that does not tie your self-esteem to outer achievements but instead to YOUR INTRINSIC VALUE.

Imagine thinking that will allow you to feel free REGARDLESS of what others say and do!
Imagine celebrating each moment of each day knowing that as you step forward, what you need appears at the perfect time, in the most dynamic way.
Imagine having an open-heart, a heart that cares, that acts on love, that creates positive change in your community with the resources at your disposal right now.
What would this type of person be thinking all day, every day?

Nobody has power over your mind and mental patterns except YOU.
Become aware of the thought patterns that have imprisoned you for far too long.

It’s time to say goodbye to what doesn’t work and to purposefully, consciously choose THOUGHT SYSTEMS for freedom, joy, wellness and thriving.

Lay a new foundation…one brick at a time, one new thought at a time…it may take you months, even years to overhaul your mental processes but it will pay off for your lifetime!
Invest in this inner transformation and you are certain to reap incredible life satisfaction.

If you aren’t sure how to do this on your own, seek help and coaching from someone who does.
I have done this within myself and I teach others to do the same.

With all my love,
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Explore New Realms of Your Life Purpose (POWERFUL QUESTIONS - BEWARE!)

This weekend I had the privilege of being in my Positive Psychology Certification class with 40 amazing people ( ).  Throughout the weekend, we dove deep into exploring our purpose and how to experience a deeply meaningful life.

On Saturday, our teacher provided us a list of questions for self-exploration.  I've spent many years exploring Purpose and as a result, I wrote a book called Clarify Your Purpose & Live It (available on Amazon  During the years of my soul-searching that led to my writing that book, I came to a clear statement of my purpose...when I thought about what I desired people to say about me at the end of my life it is:  She helped me reach my full potential.

Since then, that guiding phrase has been the basis of how I spend much of my time and energy.

Little did I expect that I'd uncover an even deeper understanding of my life purpose this weekend.

As I allowed the questions to work on me, I discovered an element of my purpose that had been brewing within my heart for the last few years.  So, I re-wrote my Life Sentence:

"She took the time to hold the space so I could step more fully into my potential...and therefore, I did the same for countless others too."

Not only does my heart yearn to help people step into their potential, I desire to see those I help through my speaking, coaching, writing and mentoring do the same for others.  My prayer is that the love I share through my life will create a ripple effect of change to whatever extent God intends and enables it to.

Wow, I've shared the true essence of my heart with you today.  I do so only for the purpose of hoping that you will take some time this week to awaken more fully to the joy of exploring and allowing your deeper purpose to emerge.

Here are the guiding questions we were provided with this weekend....I suggest you write them down in your journal and take 5 to 10 minutes on each question.  Remember, this exercise is meant to be a heart and intuition centered one.  Don't hash and re-hash the questions in your mind.  Instead, quiet your mind and listen deeply and lovingly as your Deeper and Higher Self speaks to you through the voice of your heart.

Here we go:
1. What do you joyfully enjoy chasing each day? (Think of the image of a dog happily running after a ball over and over and over again.)

2. What am I doing when I feel most beautiful inside?

3. What is something you believe that almost nobody agrees with you on? (Think of people like the founder of Paypal -- everyone thought he was CRAZY for having an idea...but it was a game-changing idea)

4. What are your superpowers? (Imagine yourself as a super-hero...what super-powers do you naturally possess that make you who you are)

5. What keep you up at night? (What issues around you is your heart naturally working to solve?)

6. What are you willing to try now?

7. Looking back on career 20 or 30 years from now, what do you want to say you've accomplished?

8. What is your ONE sentence? (If you boiled it all down, what will the one key thing that you hope people say about you at the end of your life?)

Enjoy the deep self-probing! Keep a light heart as you answer! I'd love to hear back from you after you do the exercise to share your thoughts on how the questions felt or on any key insights that emerge for you.

Allowing clarity around your purpose to emerge more fully need not be a serious matter.  There is no need for pressure nor stress.  Life can be a Joyful exploration of possibility.  In fact, if you sense pressure or stress it is an indication that your mind is getting stuck in fear-based stories.  So, lighten up!  Open your heart to God.  Ask for a new level of clarity to emerge.  And, even if no answers emerge right now, don't worry!  The fact you are willing to ask the questions means that in due time, the answers you seek will find you.

Relax friend and enjoy this beautiful journey.
I'm here if you need me, just comment and we can discuss :) 

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Move from Joy in 2017 (No Need For Pressure!)

Happy New Year to each and every one of you.

Many of you probably took some time to set New Year's goals and resolutions.  Stepping back to do this inner work of connecting with your desires is a beautiful exercise!

Yet...too often, after the goals are set and the dreams emerge, many of us get overwhelmed.  We begin to put incredible pressure on ourselves to MAKE something happen.

Inner pressure is a subtle form of fear.  So, beware.

Inner pressure comes from a sense of having to figure it out all out, having to get it all done and make it all happen in a certain period of time.  Most of humanity allows this pressure to rule their lives.  What is the result?  STRESS.  Living in stress causes us not to feel well.  It causes us to become disconnected from peace, joy and the grace and ease available to each one of us as we walk through each day.

What if there is a slightly different approach?  One where you can keep your goals and dreams in front of you AND feel inner excitement and joy.  What if you can approach 2017 and all that will come about in your life with a sense of light-heartedness and play?  What it you decided not to take it all as heavy and serious and you instead remembered that this is a marvelous, unfolding adventure you are on that will have highs and lows, challenges and breakthroughs?

I write a note of encouragement to challenge you to NOT buy into stress-based thinking.  Instead, choose to come from a sense of love-based focus this year.  Get up each day with enthusiasm and gratitude.  Consider thought processes like, "Wow!  My body is alive again today!  I have the opportunity to put some of my beautiful time and energy into this experiment called Life!  I am going to have fun as I become a better version of myself.  I'm going to put my best effort forward as I interact with others and as I give energy into achieving my goals and dreams.  I'm going to be bold and take risks--following my inner guidance fearlessly!"

Doesn't that feel different than a heavy, pressure-cooker approach?

Be in awe of the opportunity to be alive today.
Give thanks for all that you do have in this moment!
Then, open your heart and RELAX.
Allow Divine Ideas to fill you...
Trust that you will be shown the next small step to take on this journey of twists and turns.
Follow through with that little step of action each day and
You will be amazed at what can come about.

In 2017, why not choose to live in the energy of joyful unfolding AS you put efforts forth on external achievements.  What's the point of running through life under pressure trying to "achieve it all" and not having a playful, wondrous time as you experience it all?

I'm just saying....there are many alternate methods of getting to the same goal.  Choose one that allows for your health and well-being...a way that allows you to be at peace and express love (not stress) to the one's closest to you.

Lighten up dear friends in 2017 and feel the MAGIC of being alive ;)

I will be working on this approach with you,

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Wake Up BEFORE the Wake Up Call!

Stories of two people that I'm connected to:

He was in his early 50's.  He started to not feel so good.  But he forged on.  He felt pain in his chest.  He died in his sleep.

She was feeling quite healthy, a mom of 2 kids in college.  She noticed this scab that kept appearing on her neck.  She'd pick it off and then it would reappear.  She figured she should ask the doctor about it.  She didn't think it was a big deal.  This was on a Thursday.  The doc immediately said, "This is not good.  Get to a specialist."  She sees the specialist the next day.  He orders labs.  On the following Tuesday, she gets the news that she has Stage 2 cancer.  Her life feels like it is turned upside down.

Folks, life is temporary.  Life is short.  Life is NOT about accumulation, status, titles etc. None of that goes in the coffin with you when you pass to the other side, right?

 Life is about LOVE.  Life is about LIVING YOUR PURPOSE WITH LOVE.

Why wait until you get that notice from the doctor or until that person close to you is suddenly gone to WAKE UP?





How would you be living today if you knew your time here is limited?
What would you do today that you've been putting off for a time when you are "more ready?"
What would be IMPORTANT to you today if you knew that your time here is temporary?

What a grand opportunity we have to be here on planet earth.
The time is precious, to be savored, to be maximized and enjoyed fully.

My prayer for each one of us is that we LIVE LIFE FULLY and PURPOSEFULLY in 2017!

Now is the TIME to emerge into your potential.
Now is the time to set aside remaining self-doubt and fears.
Now is the time to get moving on your dreams--starting where you are today with whatever resources you have right now.
Now is the time to love and enjoy the people who are most important to you.
Now is the time to re-orient your life and your way of  being to THRIVE in 2017.

I choose to be wide awake today and every day!
Join me, please ;)
It sure will be a lot more enjoyable if we all do so.

With my love, 
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Re-Emerging Into Child-like Wonder & Joy

More and more I am less and less serious.

More and more I am returning to my natural essence -- that of an open heart, an energetic excitement for life.

I came onto the planet and got serious pretty quickly.  I was born into a family where a parent had a mental illness and a proclivity toward intense anger and emotional violence.

Any joyful inclination my brother or I had was immediately squashed by the German "Stop that non-sense.  Be seen and not heard."

I became a great soldier.  I put on the armor of self-protection to survive each day, ever ready to defend my young spirit from the powerful fatherly surges of mean energy.

As I grew into a teen, I channeled my energy into feats of achievement and great success.  I was an unstoppable warrior.  Yet, as I emerged into adulthood the inner sadness I felt was so profound that I couldn't enjoy any of the accomplishments very well.

And so, the last 14 years of healing work has been full of becoming aware of and letting go the layers of defensiveness, of sadness that blanketed my young soul.  I gradually and slowly have peeled back the pain and depressed energy.

In the process, I eventually got to peace.  Peace felt really good.  I no longer had the fears.  I no longer had the yearning for fatherly love.  I felt a sense of stillness within.

Then I realized, I had no clue what joy meant.  How could I get from Peace to Joy?

That was my quest in 2016.  I had absolutely no concept of what it would mean to be filled with joy and wonder of life.  I had to numb all that within myself in order to survive my brutal childhood.

Yet, my request to God was -- God, help me to re-awaken to joy.  I could see joy in my children.  They loved life.  They laughed.  They were happy.  They wanted to have fun, to connect with friends.  They were silly.

My 3 daughters were a door, once again, to my awakening to being joyful.

I now am re-experiencing child-like wonder at life.  I am beginning to step back into what happiness is. After doing the inner work of peeling back the hundreds of walls I built to survive -- now, what I am finally reconnecting to is my pure, child-like awe and wonder at the gift of life.

As I meditated this morning and sat in stillness for some time with pen and paper in hand.  Here is what emerged:

To expand exponentially one must relax profoundly.

Striving brings tension and closes energy down.

Relaxed, joyful focus allows for creative surges of energy to flow into MANIFESTATION.

From courageous openness to one's heart's desires, 
Emerges the simple next step to take.

Then, one step after the other, the path unfolds--
twisting and turning with peaks and valleys on a 

What one small step are you
Ready to take today
On your path of Personal Evolution?

Like a joyful child, full of excitement--let energy surge through your body 
As you go forth into Today.

Release heavy mental stories.
Surrender fear and negativity.

Open the heart.
Unleash the spirit that yearns to finally be free of the mental prison.

The key of joyful personal choice is in your hands.

Emerge FORTH
Surpassing all expectations.
Flooded with Dancing enthusiasm for
The gift of Life Today.

Believe in your own miraculous potential...and
You are certain to
Step fully into it.

Dearest friends, this journey of life often means coming back to the child-like version of our self that brims with energy.  As we combine this wondrous energy with our inner wisdom, we skip along life's path, determined to leap forward into the unknown adventures that await us.

Follow the yearnings of your heart.
Keep healing.
Ask God to assist you in removing the layers of pain and protection you have accumulated.
As Layer by Layer falls away, the enormous potential of your spirit naturally emerges.

How I know first hand the process of intense healing and transformation....and I delight to walk side-by-side with others as they experience the same processes.

I'm only an email away.

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.