Saturday, July 23, 2016

BEWARE: Too Much (Media) Circus, Makes One Sick

On July 4th, my 2 oldest daughters and I ventured to our local carnival.  I used to love wild and crazy rides when I was younger--the more they spun me, the better I felt.  It was exhilarating.

Now, that's not so much the case.  Rides and I don't seem to get along anymore.  For the last few years I made it a rule to just be a chaperone and "give up my own tickets for the kids."

Somehow this visit, I caved.  My middle daughter begged me to go on a ride with her.  It was one of those twister rides.  The cars spin round and round going forward, then half way through the ride, the cars spin round and round going backward.  Bravery roused within me.  I thought to myself, "I can handle this ride.  I don't want to disappoint my daughter.  Let's do this thing!"

As the ride started I felt fine.  It actually felt good to feel the wind in my face and  be close to Skye.  But suddenly, I hit a point when I lost my center:  my head started to spin--the entire World started to spin.  I felt totally disoriented.  Thankfully, at just that moment I passed the booth of the man operating the ride.  I raised my hands and screamed, "Stop the ride! I have to get off NOW!"  It was just the moment he was about to make the ride go backward so he was kind and stopped it, let me get off and then continued the ride for the rest of the group.

I was so relieved!  But it took me the rest of the day to recover.  I felt totally off--stomach upset, headache, disorientation.  I silently vowed to myself:  NO MORE RIDES!

I've been noticing I get the same feelings if I take in too much of the Media Circus.  Our Media Circus is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  It seems that over the years the Media Circus Rides have grown--the roller-coaster rides have bigger hills, more extreme twists and turns and tend to spin the viewers upside down, inside out and round and round.  The stories chosen to be aired and covered with a magnifying glass approach are the most insane, fearful, painful and devastating stories possible.

Yesterday I happened to turn the TV on when the German shooting story was unfolding.  I sensed that the presenter was actually excited to have a new story to dish out--detail by gruesome detail, it was as if he was relishing in giving humanity this awful news.

I quickly turned it off.  Why do I need to feed my mind, body and spirit this constant horror?  Is there anything I can do to change what just happened in Germany?  There is something good about being "informed."  But, somehow all of us have become accustomed to allowing this sensationalism to stream into our lives constantly.  What good is this doing any of us?

Just like too many circus rides can cause one to feel ill, so too can too many media rides.

Perhaps this is a grand opportunity for each of us.  What if we became more conscious in our approach to media intake?  Over the years I've shut down some of the streaming sources I had allowed into my personal space.  I used to listen to TV news while getting ready for work.  Then I'd get in the car and turn on more news on the way to work.  I'd then take my breaks at the office and listen to news during my break.  I'd also go onto the Internet and keep abreast of the latest stories.

In my personal process of reclaiming my power, time and energy, I started re-vamping my approach.  I no longer need to start my day with negative news.  Instead, times of meditation and gratitude have become the start to my day.  My time in the car is filled with uplifting music or an inspirational speaking clip.  I've learned that in only 10 minutes of reading news articles online, I can stay up to speed on the headlines and pick out the stories that I feel are important for me to keep abreast of.

As I limit my media intake, it means I have more time and energy to become my best self!  It means I have more peace, love and creative juices to share with my family and the world.  It means my light can stay brighter and I can bring more of it to my realm of influence, thus doing my part to make the World better.

Listen, just because the big black box (the TV) and the little rectangle you carry in your pocket (your cell phone) are there, does not mean you have to turn them on!  These devices can be hypnotizing, addictive and BAD FOR BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

As light-filled agents of change, we do need to stay abreast of things that need to change globally.  But, we also need to keep our energy intact so that we can purposefully use our lights and our talents to bring transformation to our own local arenas.

Notice this week how many "Media Rides" you take.  Notice the duration of the ride. Notice how you feel while on the ride.  Notice how you feel after being on the ride.

What conscious approach to the Media Circus can you design for your highest good?

I hope this got you thinking.  I know I'm still fine-tuning and working to figure out the best approach for me and for my family.

I send a big smile to you this Saturday morning -- and no, I am NOT going to the local fair with my kids this weekend.  Once a year is plenty for us all ;)

Love you!

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.  

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Joy of Failure: Continual Evolution & Growth

Yesterday I faced some intensely challenging circumstances.  A situation I thought I had designed well at the outset, didn't have the expected successful results I had hoped for.

I had tried my best.
I had used the knowledge and wisdom I had at the time.
I had tried to get ahead of things that might go wrong.

Yet, I still failed.
It wasn't for lack of effort or focus.
Things didn't go as planned.

As I sat with the results of my efforts, an overwhelming sense of grief flooded through my body.  A wave of tears flowed out of my eyes.  (Hey--I am a Scorpio and those who know me well understand that I feel everything deeply in my heart.)

After the initial shock and emotion (which took me hours to process with my closest friends), my body relaxed and my mind opened.

I realized that I had done my best.  There was no way I could have know all the intricacies of what would be encountered in the situation.  And, I realized that each of these situations where I go into the unknown is an experiment.

It takes boldness and courage to venture into unknown territory.  I am willing to take risks, to be cutting edge and to push the boundaries on my potential.  I want to learn and grow and become a better, more evolved version of myself.

I've dedicated my life to helping others reach their full potential and I feel an inner desire to do that myself.

So, what does that mean?  It means that I may fail sometimes in this grand experiment of life.  But, the key is to not take failures in a deeply personal way.  Failing at something doesn't have to mean feeling guilt and shame about who we are.

We can instead choose to view this as a path of personal evolution.

When something doesn't go as we had hoped, we can simply start asking questions -- similar to how a scientist would approach an experiment:

What went right?  What worked?
What didn't work?
Why didn't it work?
How can I design the situation better next time so that I get a different set of results?

For those of us committed to being our best selves, we are constantly fine tuning.  We can use a constant state of non-judgmental awareness to find new opportunities to improve upon our lives.  We can take the wisdom of "failures" and then design new scenarios for greater success!

So, I wake up this morning feeling the physical exhaustion of a deeply emotional yesterday.  But, I also now have a greater wisdom and a more profound awareness of new choices that can be made as I move forward.

I'm thankful for the "failure".  It's made me better, more aware, wiser and it has affirmed to me that I am a courageous being willing to step out and try new things.  My heart is in the right place and I am certain that God and the 1,000s of angels that surround me are guiding me forward into the unknown--the Divine is helping me move forward on Life's journey because I pray and ask for help constantly.

Below is my daily Food For Thought, wrote in honor of the situation.  I know we are all trying new things and not always getting the best, I hope you feel encouraged by my vulnerability.

Let's just keep learning and growing together.

With all my love,
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Affirm:   I am a work in progress. I learn from every situation.

How have you been interpreting "failures"?

In situations where things don't get as planned, 
people often call the result a "failure."

And, too often, failure is taken in a deeply personal way--
the judgment becomes: "something must be wrong with me because of how this turned out."
Guilt or shame is internalized and then hinders us from continuing to boldly move forward.

What if we transformed our view of "failures"?

Life is a Grand Experiment!
Life is an opportunity for constant growth and evolution.
None of us come in perfect.
We are each works in progress.

Try thinking like a scientist.
A scientist observes the dynamics of experiments.
A journal is kept of --
What went right in this experiment that I'd want to do again?
What didn't go so well that I need to change or improve upon to get better results?

Courage is shown when we try something new and go into unknown territories.
To be a cutting edge human means to experiment with new situations.
Maybe we don't need to take the "results" of our experiments personally or too seriously.

keep improving!
Keep evolving!
Keep joyfully expanding into a better and better version of yourself!

Encourage others to do the same!

We are each remarkable works in progress, here on the planet 
to learn and grow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Harness Your Personal Power: Be a "Thought Storm" Watcher Today!

Maybe you can relate--you wake up from a good night's sleep.  You step out of bed and head to the kitchen for your morning coffee.  You sit down and suddenly, swirling furiously around you are "Thought Storms".

Before you even had a chance to get the day rolling with a fresh energy, the same old stories and thinking begin whirling in your mind.  Perhaps it is financial fear that immediately spins 'round you or maybe a situation one of your children is facing that mentally swirls.

You take your first sip of coffee and ...

The daunting situations of the day ahead start filling your mind and overwhelm you with fear and personal insecurity--

...your annual review and how you aren't going to measure up to the corporate standards..
...staring at the bank account balance and trying to figure out how, once again, you will meet all of the month's bills. 
...your body's increasing aches and pains...and how you helpless you feel in getting back to good health. broken your relationship is with your spouse and how incapable you feel to repair it.

You walk to the living room as you take your second sip of coffee and...

Then, in your daily routine you turn on the radio or TV and start to hear about intense Worldly dramas playing out--

...the insane violence of terrorists unleashed in another part of the globe..lives destroyed.
...the police shootings and shootings of innocent black lives lost.
...the wacky political situation and the future of our country being at stake.

All of this happens before it is even 7:00 a.m.

You are already lost in massive Thought Tornadoes.

No wonder you feel a sense of inner despair, sadness and grief as you start a fresh, new day.

It's time to unmask these storms that keep us spinning and stuck.  It's time to understand the mental dynamics that hinder us from being our best selves.  It's time to find a new approach, a fresh way of handling life that allows us to feel better and connect to our power and purpose.

You are probably thinking, "I'd love that...but it's impossible, Trish.  How can I find peace and joy and creativity when I have all these personal realities to deal with?  How can I connect to inner freedom when the World feels like it is crumbling around me?"

Yep--this new way of approaching life can feel daunting and unfeasible at first.  We've developed deeply ingrained thought habits.  Since everyone around us lives within these thought tornadoes all day long, we have come to believe that this is normal-- "this is just the way it is."  We have all begun to believe that living in sadness and despair is just how this earthly life has to be.  We are collectively hypnotized and we don't even realize it.

What if you could begin to unmask these inner dynamics and patterns?
What if you could begin to see the layers of thinking that you unconsciously ALLOW to keep swirling around you all day, every day?
What if outside of the Thought Tornadoes within which you currently reside, there is a bright, sunny day available to you?
What if you CAN LEARN to break free and find inner peace no matter what is happening in the world around you?
What if there are simple daily habits you could start that would allow you to generate peace as you start your day?

The first step to breaking free of these thought storms is to see them for what they are.  Here are some ideas to try today:

1.  Begin to OBSERVE the thought patterns that rage in your mind throughout the day.  Just start tuning in and noticing the stories you are choosing to believe about yourself, your life and your World.  Observe with curiosity--"What's really going on inside me?"  Become interested in the thoughts you allow to inhabit your inner world.  

Breaking free from these mental storms starts with awareness.  The awareness in and of itself begins to create a small space between us and the thought storms.  It's like sitting at the window watching the thunderstorm go by as opposed to sitting outside in the thunderstorm.  Be a storm watcher for today and see what information you can gather about the storms.

2.  You can even begin to write down what you observe.  These thought storms most likely break into several categories:  Fears (negative stories we tell ourselves about the future), Guilt (negative stories we tell ourselves about the past), and self-judgment (negative stories we tell ourselves about who we are and how we do NOT measure up).  Name the thought storms:  "Financial fear", "Health scares", "How-will-my-difficult-child-turn-out fear", "Guilt from family of origin", "Sadness that my Dad never loved me," "I'm so fat compared to everyone else,"  "I'm not as good as everyone else,"...give each of these stories a name.  Again, do this with a spirit of curiosity.

3.  Notice how much negative, fearful media you are allowing in your mind.  What inputs are you choosing throughout the day?  Do you turn on the TV to catch the news as you get dressed?  Do you read news stories on the train before you get to work?  Do you watch the TV in the break room every 5 minute break you take?  Become aware of how much media frenzy you take in.  Typically, the media only cooks up fear-driven stories.  They WANT you to keep watching and stay on the edge of your seat.  It is purposefully designed and scripted to get you to become addicted and keep you coming back for more.  Are these inputs helping you feel good or are they draining your energy?  Do you have options to turn any of these inputs off and replace them with something else?  Again, just observe.

Step one of Harnessing the Power of Your Mind is pretty easy to do.  Just watch.  Notice.  Observe what's happening inside your mind.  Observe what you are allowing into your mind.  You may be surprised at all the opportunities you find today to reclaim your personal power and peace.

Don't worry.  You don't have to conquer your mind all in one day.  Transforming your mind is a process.  It's taken you all your life to become an expert in this current type of thinking.  And, step-by-step, day-by-day you can begin to form a new way of thinking if that is what you desire to do.

In my next blog post, I will offer you step # 2 of the Harness Your Power process.  

For today, I'm going to be working on step 1 too:  Observe.  There is still plenty of inner-thought-clean-up I need to become aware of (smiles).

I'm excited--imagine if each us begin to come out of our thought storms and feel instead, a sense of peace in today?  How much more creativity, inspiration and power could be unleashed if we do so?

Drop me a comment here if this got you thinking ;)  I enjoy hearing your insights!

With a smile, 
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Beware of Guilt Darts -- Prepare and Protect Your Energy

You are on the path to amazing transformation.  You've been challenging your status quo.  You have been saying yes to more of your dreams and no to the energy vampires in your life.  You feel good, even high on life, because of the inner and outer progress you have been making.

Then, suddenly, someone you know--maybe someone close to you or maybe a co-worker--they throw the sharpest, pointiest guilt dart at you in an attempt to burst your bubble.  They don't like the fact that you've changed or progressed.  They can't stand to see an increase in your peace and joy.  They want you to stay a match to their gloomy, dark energy.  They want you to stay stuck with them in trudging through each day.  They want you to keep complaining with them over a beer at happy hour.

Will you become deflated when a guilt dart hits you?  Will you begin to question yourself?  Will you go back to your old patterns and join them again?

Guilt darts are meant to deter your progress.   Whether consciously or not, people get jealous of transformation.  They also get sad and begin to miss your company.  They can't understand why you'd choose to use your energy on personal progress rather than hanging out with them doing what you've always done.  

Guilt darts are thrown toward you in an attempt to penetrate your spirit.  But, this needn't be the outcome.

These weapons of energetic disruption can be seen as a great gift!

"A gift?!?, " you ask.

YES, a wonderful gift in disguise. These subtle or blatant attacks merely offer you a question to answer:  Am I going to stay committed to my new path and my new choices?  Or, do I feel a desire to backtrack to who I used to be or repeat the same debilitating patterns that caused me suffering?

Most likely, you'd answer a big, fat:  "NO!" to the second question.  So, rather than getting thrown off by these verbal stunts, leverage these situations to make a clear, loving statement to yourself.  Or, even better, you can be prepared to verbalize some new thoughts to others if you feel guided to do so.

Your responses when the darts are hurled your way could go something like this, "Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.  I'm on a new path, one of self-discovery and personal liberation.  My choices are different and they are allowing me to be a better version of myself in the world.  You might not understand these new expressions of me.  If you truly care about my well-being then I ask for your support and understanding as I experiment and grow, and as I navigate these exciting changes.  I'm committed to my growth.  I encourage you to be committed to yours as well.  Let's find new levels of personal liberation together."

The other party may look at you with bulging eyes as you respond.  They may get angry at your response.  They may run the other way.  Or, they may be sparked to see you in a new light.   They may even be inspired to get more focused on their own progress!

But really, how they respond or what they do is not your business--it's their business to take care of.  And, really the only business you need to attend to is to stay steadfastly focused on growing into your full potential.  They are entitled to doing life the way they want and so are you.

So, the bottom line of all this is:  Don't be surprised if people want you to revert back to your old version.  It's normal.  Few people like change.  There will be attempts to control you and manipulate you back to being who you used to be.  It's all par for the journey of transformation.

Don't be shocked.  Don't be worried if these attacks come your way.  Do be prepared with clarity and a loving response.  Listen with compassion as the darts are hurled your way--remember, the other person is just feeling afraid and is missing your energy.

Keep your energy bubble intact.  Surround yourself with a protective layer of awareness.  I'm practicing all of this with you (in fact, I had a massive guilt dart thrown my way this week....but, because I was prepared, it didn't penetrate my joy.)

With a smile,

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Path to Personal Liberation: Freedom Starts Now

Those on the path to living their full potential are waking up to the idea of purposeful liberation.

Purposeful liberation--it is taking one's power back so your life is in alignment with your values and your unique calling.

We tend to believe that in order to be liberated our circumstances must change so that we feel free to live our purpose. We put our freedom and purpose somewhere in the future.

What if the starting point of liberation is to bring inner freedom to the situation we are currently in?

Purpose is a NOW experience.  Inner freedom is a NOW choice.  Living our values can happen in the context of any situation we face.  In fact, the difficulties and challenges, the situations we like least and want to change the most, are the perfect ones in which to begin the Divine experiment of waking up to our truth and personal power.

As we begin to open to this as a possibility, the light of awareness begins to show us new ways of being, thinking and acting that can happen today, right where we are.

If your soul longs for freedom, why not open to experiencing more of what you desire today.  Consider this guiding question as you walk through your day:

How can I allow myself to be purposefully liberated today, in my current circumstances?  What opportunities have I been blind to?  How might my unique calling be activated right where I am, with the people around me and the resources I have at the moment?

Then, watch for opportunities.  Experiment.

Remember, the opportunities may be as simple as making different choices in thoughts --- can self-judgment be turned to self-kindness?  Could fear be transformed to courage?  Could guilt from the past transform to making positive, empowered choices today?

By being open to Freedom in the NOW, miracles begin to unfold in our lives.

I'm experimenting with you all day today!

With my love,
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

An Important Reminder: You are a Miracle

Yesterday as I sat with a friend, I listened as she felt guilt and sadness over her past.  Then, her thoughts pointed to the future and she felt a sense of fear and worry.

She talked of how hard it has been for her to simply open to the joys of life--taking in a sunset, feeling the water rush over her body as she took a shower, smiling at the antics of a puppy, feeling the delight of the food at each meal.  Her mental patterns were strong, keeping her from simply cherishing the gift of Now.

She described a desire to open to Joy.  Yet, opening to this felt foreign to her.  She felt unworthy of experiencing peace and joy in the moment.

As she sat, I looked at her.  I saw in front of me a Miracle.  She is a miracle of existence.  The breath of Life was flowing through her with no thought on her part.  The trillions of cells that she is made of are working together, allowing her the gift of health.   The kindness and warmth of her precious Being caused me a sense of awe.  There was so much love in her heart and she is so kind to others.  If only she could begin to open to the enormous miracle of her Being.

How would life feel to each of us if we experienced the remarkable nature of our Being?

What if we each took some time today to take contemplate the gift of Life?

What if we began to cherish these bodies that house our spirits on this Earth journey?

What if we relaxed into each moment rather than getting caught up in worn-out, chaotic mental patterns like self-judgment, guilt over the past, comparison games, worry over finance and fretting over image?

Friend, you are nothing less than a miracle, and so am I.

Open to the gift of existence.  Allow the love that you are to shine forth fully--No Fear.  No Worry.  No comparison with others.  Be FULLY the miracle you are designed to be.

(Feel free to contact me for coaching if you are stuck in low self-esteem or can't find a way past the inner chaos that fear and guilt bring.)

With my love,
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.  

Friday, July 8, 2016

Facing the Jellyfish -- Maybe It's Time to Face the Fear & Move Into the Ocean of Your Dreams!

Not long ago we vacationed as a family to a beach area.  One of my daughters absolutely adores the ocean.  Jumping waves, building sandcastles, feeling the water on her skin--these things are always an exhilarating experience for her.

So when I saw her sitting near the water's edge with her head down, I knew something wasn't quite right.

I sat down beside her and asked what was happening.

"Mom, there are jellyfish everywhere.  I'm scared.  People are getting stung."  She was truly afraid.

I encouraged her, "Have any of the people that have been stung been taken away in an ambulance or been hurt badly by the jellyfish?"

"No, Mom.  But, I'm scared of what it will feel like if I get stung...I just can't go in," she said.

"Dear, just take your time.  I think your love of the ocean is bigger than these jellyfish."

I left her contemplating the jellyfish troubles and went back up to sit in the small tent we had set up for shade.

About five minutes later she approached the tent with a bucket in hand and a grin on her face.

"Mom, look what I have."

I got up and went over.  When I peeked into the bucket I couldn't see anything except for water.

"The jellyfish is in there Mom.  It's clear.  Can't you see it?  I captured one so I could see it closely and know what it really is."

When I looked more closely I noticed the subtle shape of a small jellyfish moving in the water.

"Mom, I'm going to take the jellyfish and have it sting me right here and right now!"

"Are you sure you want to do that, honey?" I responded.

"Mom, I want to go back in the water.  I'd rather just get this sting over with so I know what it feels like.  Then, I won't be afraid anymore," she said with a new found boldness.

After some contemplation she decided not to inflict a sting upon herself.  Instead, this 11 year old ventured into the water and decided to just have some fun.

About ten minutes later she ventured back up to the tent and said, "Mom, a jellyfish stung me--and guess what!  It really didn't hurt that much!"

She had gone to jump waves and as nature took its course, a jellyfish had found her.  The sting on her leg wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.

She had overcome her fear!  Wave jumping ensued for the rest of the week.

I sat in awe, and have continued to sit in awe and contemplate the situation.  My little lady knew she needed to face her fears head on.  She found a truly unique way to approach it.  And, she taught me once again, to not allow my fears to prohibit me from doing the things that will bring me a sense of passion and excitement.

As we venture into the weekend, perhaps each of us can take some time to contemplate our "Jellyfish".  What is it that you are afraid of that you are allowing to keep you from moving forward to do the things you truly desire?

What unique way might you find to sit with those fears, understand them and move beyond them?

If you open to Divine  Guidance and ask for courage and boldness, remarkable experiences may begin to unfold in your life.  You will be guided BEYOND your fears.

I remember one of my favorite verses from the Bible as a child:  God has not given us a spirit of FEAR but of POWER, LOVE and a Sound Mind.  

Our fears are simply thoughts of things we do NOT want to happen.  

Our dreams are thoughts of things we DO want to happen.  

The question is, which of those thoughts will we dwell upon?  
And, can we trust that there is a Divine Force in play that will allow us to navigate any challenge that might arise as we move toward the life we are designed to live?

Each of us has the power to overcome any fear and move forward into the ocean of our dreams.

Please comment and share any unique stories you may have about overcoming your fears...or feel free to share your thoughts of self-awareness of what you are allowing to hold yourself back from what you desire.

We are all in this together.  And, we as we share from our hearts, we begin to realize we aren't alone--each person on this planet has their own set of "jellyfish" to move beyond ;)

With my love and my encouragement to MOVE BEYOND YOUR JELLYFISH!

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.