Friday, February 24, 2017

You Won't Believe What I Packed When I Traveled to Haiti - A Story of Relentless Persistence!

The other night just before I fell asleep, I had this flashback to the summer after my Freshman year at Princeton.

You see, something you may not know about my story is that I didn't put a basketball in my hand until I was 16 years old.  Magic happened when I got on the court.  My passion opened up.  I loved the game.  I intensely focused on becoming a great player.  Results came.  In only 3 years, I became the first 1,000 point scorer in Souderton Area High School Girls' history and I had not shot a ball before age 16.  (Yes, this is a TRUE story).

Then, I was recruited by Ivy and Patriot League schools. I had the very great privilege of playing on the women's team at Princeton.

My first season, I did actually get some good playing time.  Then the coaches clued me in to what would make me unstoppable the next season.

The story I share in this video is what happened the summer after my Freshman year.  You won't believe how crazy I was.  Looking back on myself, I even am laughing at how intensely focused I had become on achieving greatness as a player.

So, here's the video...a short, inspirational clip you will find amusing and inspiring.

Relentless Persistence: Move from IF to HOW on that Next Step You Know It's Time to Take!

The exciting part of this story is that we are ALL capable of achieving astounding results when we focus our energy fully on a goal that we are passionate about.


Let me know what you think of the video...

With a smile,
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Cutting Edge of Your Highest Potential: An Approach to TRUE Freedom

When conflict arises in our relationships, our knee-jerk reaction is to BLAME our pain on something outside of us.

BEWARE:  This post today is one that could reveal to you the approach for true, deep personal freedom and peace.

There is only one place where pain exists:  within ourselves.

The world around us, circumstances that arise, people’s behaviors—these are “Divine” triggers that leads us to our CUTTING EDGE of growth.  Our closest relationships are typically the territory that bring us the most opportunities to Learn and Grow.

Notice, it is called a CUTTING Edge.  This place is often an incredibly Pain-filled place.  For, to become the best, most evolved version of ourselves, it is necessary to heal the pain WITHIN US.

What if we began to use every situation in which we feel inner pain to look inside (NOT OUTSIDE) and understand what remains to be healed?

What if rather than getting angry at the world around us, we looked inside to see what anger towards ourselves still exists?

What if rather than forging ahead and ignoring conflicts and pain within, we took the time to sit and lovingly examine the PAIN BODY in US that requires our attention?

Guess what?  That PAIN BODY will continue to whisper to us…then talk to us…then it will scream at us UNTIL we give it the love and attention it desperately needs.  And, Life WILL keep bringing us all the challenges needed to trigger our pain until we clean it up.

Here’s the CHOICE:  do the inner work now and get it resolved OR keep creating painful patterns over and over.  That is the constant opportunity we are offered on a daily basis—yet, few of us understand that this choice is a DIVINE GIFT we are being offered again and again and again.

I write this all from deep experience.  I am on the CUTTING EDGE of my own growth.  While it is exciting, it can also feel quite intense, difficult and painful.  What I’ve learned is that it is worth it to FACE what remains within me and take the time to honor the feelings, understand its origins and work with it until it is fully resolved.

Will you join me in this approach?  Imagine if all your inner pain was fully healed?  How would you feel?  Who would you be in the World if your pain was replaced by total peace and love?  How would your relationships transform?  How much energy and power would be unleashed?

This is NOT an approach for the faint of heart—for they think it is easier to run and escape, to self-soothe with materialism, addiction to work or to alcohol—to anything tat will help them avoid what’s inside.

This approach is for the ones who realize that if they just take the time to deal with what is inside RIGHT NOW—it may feel unpleasant for a time but it will open up a lifetime of INNER FREEDOM, PEACE and JOY which is what they ultimately yearn for.

I’m here if this approach resonates with you.  I’ve been walking this path of healing for a long time.  Layer after layer of needed growth and healing reveals itself when we are willing to become aware.  And, often, it helps to have someone hold our hands or offer a listening ear as we walk through it. You can contact me via my website if you need assistance or coaching in this journey to your highest potential.

All my love,
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Which Interpretation Will You Choose: Insanely Wrong or Perfectly Designed?

Let's cut to the chase today.

Let's go to a core question.  The answer you choose to this question creates the reality you experience today.

Key Question:  What perspective will I choose today as I view my life circumstances?

Is my life perfectly, amazingly, intricately designed for me to reach my highest good and develop into my full potential or is it a seemingly haphazard, chaotic, difficult, struggle-filled mess that is going insanely wrong?

Stretch yourself today.

Take a look at the most difficult struggle you are facing right now.  Let's open our minds and look at it from two opposite viewpoints.

If you choose to believe that this situation is insanely wrong--and it should NOT be happening, how does the situation feel?

For me, if I choose to see my daughter's disease (Prader Willi Syndrome) as a hindrance to myself and my life, then I grieve.  I get angry.  I feel it is all unfair.  This should not be happening to her or to me!  I feel sorry for myself.  I see us as victims.  This is a roadblock, a detour taking me away from what I feel SHOULD be happening.  If I struggle and fight with what is happening judging this as a punishment or a hindrance, life feels awful.  If I think there is no purpose to it, then I am empty, angry, depressed and full of self-pity.  If my interpretation is that, I suffer through it.  I become a victim to this circumstance and spiral to depths of despair and worry.  I tantrum within myself as I fight against my life.

The interpretation "something is wrong here" drains my energy.  I am emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted if I hold that perspective.  I am dis-empowered if I choose that way of interpreting the situation.

Now, imagine that you are viewing the struggle from the opposite perspective.

If you choose to believe that this situation was uniquely designed for your learning and growth, how does the situation feel?

For me, if I choose to view a circumstance like my daughter's disease  as purposeful, as Divine curriculum for me, her and everyone around me, I am able to open and relax to whatever comes my way.  I begin to see the remarkable ways in which this is stretching and growing me, how it is causing me to become stronger, more resilient and humble.  If I choose the Divine Perfection view point, I can see how it is forcing me to "develop in place" --that the lack of seeming motion or progress is to help me deepen in wisdom so I emerge with truths to share with humanity through my unique calling.  If my life is on schedule and God's hand is in it all, then peace fills me no matter how difficult the days challenges feel.  The day's "workout for my soul" is to help me develop the muscles within me that are still weak and vulnerable-- the ones God knows I will need when I reach the next level of my Divine Purpose.  I can feel energized, uplifted by the workout --even exhilarated and excited because the intensity of the workout means I will get the ecstasy of the INCREDIBLE results of the workout if I persist.  My spiritual, mental and emotional muscles will be strong, defined--allowing me to surmount any seeming obstacle that comes my way.

The interpretation "everything is for my highest learning and growth no matter how hard it appears" gives me peace.  I am emotionally, physically and spiritually uplifted even in the midst of exhausting situations.  I am empowered to learn, to grow, to develop myself because the situations are designed to help me become my best.  I still may have moments of feeling intense human emotions like sadness and grief, but with the higher perspective I am always led back to a deep, lasting inner peace.

There are circumstances in our lives that we can't change.  Yet, the opportunity each of us has in every moment, in every situation is to choose a perspective --a way of thinking--that allows us to connect to peace.

As Wayne Dyer once said, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

There is tremendous power in waking up to the truth that our circumstances don't create our reality.  Instead, it is our thoughts about the circumstance that cause our experience of reality.

Which perspective will you choose today in the face of your personal challenges?

Is everything going wrong or is it perfectly designed for your highest good?

I pray you choose the thinking that leads you to peace, growth and your highest potential.

With deep love for you as we journey through Life's curriculum together,

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cleaning Up the Inner: Finding Daily Ways to Cleanse our Energy

Imagine if day after day you decided NOT to shower.

Imagine how many layers of dust, sweat, dirt and grime would build up on your skin.

Imagine the days when for some reason, life puts you in a mud puddle and you get covered in slimy, gooey mud that cakes on your skin.

Yet, you still don't shower.

You probably think this analogy I'm giving you today is RIDICULOUS, right?  Who wouldn't shower on a daily basis?  Who would allow layers of Yuck to build up on their bodies?

Yet, isn't that what most of humanity does emotionally?

Life happens.  We have days that are smooth and easy but even on those days, subtle experiences happen where we feel criticized or judged by someone close to us or even a stranger.  A thin emotional layer of hurt coats our spirit.

We deal with the financial stress of paying the bills and the pressures of ensuring our families eat, our children have clothes and schools to go.  Whether we realize it or not, a layer of inner stress coats our spirit even in the ordinary stress and strain of life.

Then, those bigger, harder days when a friend or family member ends up in the Emergency Room from a freak accident.  We go on an Adrenalin rush as we hold the space calmly and facilitate the person getting the help they need.  As we do so, a thick layer of subtle or not-so-subtle inner mud coats our spirit.

But, who takes the time clean their emotional and spiritual body?

Hardly anyone.

The result, we have layers and layers of emotional build-up covering our spirits.  We find ourselves over-reacting to small things because we are so over-loaded that we spill over.  How could we not when we have allowed things to become so built up and pent up within our emotional and spiritual bodies?

The solution we have for keeping our physical bodies clean is pretty simple, isn't it?  We take daily and sometimes twice a day showers to carefully wash off all the muck.  It's a natural part of our routines that we would never give up.  Who wants to stink or look sloppy and dirty?

None of us.

What if we need to take develop the same type of self-care routines to cleanse our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies?

How better might we feel if we took daily time to process our emotions and pain, and find ways to release what doesn't serve us allowing it to wash down the drain just like we do the murky water from a shower?

How might our relationships improve if we increased our inner self-care to a point where we didn't have a "Pain body" surrounding us?

How much more joy would we be capable of experiencing if we regularly washed up our insides?

Listen, I'm still on a learning curve myself with caring for my emotions and spirit.  I sit here this morning after having experienced another Prader Willi Syndrome storm last night.  And, I sense how scattered and upset my own energy is right now.  I'm learning to be more gentle and kind to myself every day.  I'm learning as I sit in silence to honor every single emotion that I have and process it with the help and support of the Divine.  I am choosing to take time to be with myself more and increase my self-care to extreme levels where needed.  I'm purposefully stepping back and saying no to invitations to help others when I can feel inside my soul that I MUST, FIRST as a top Priority CARE FOR MYSELF.

Sometimes I use my physical showers to envision my spirit and emotional body being cleansed.  I feel the water run over my body and I ask God to help me and clean me on the inside too.  I open, surrender and willingly release anything that has built up and no longer serves me.

I don't know about you, but I want to feel well on every level.  I don't buy into the belief system that living in a constant state of stress and "fight or flight or freeze" is necessary.  I believe we sometimes must step back and re-think the helter-skelter, non-stop schedules we've created and find a way to first and foremost choose well-being as our highest priority.

How might you find a daily ritual to process and clean the emotional and spiritual bodies?

How might you increase your self-care and prioritize it so that you move a step closer to true well-being in mind, body and spirit?

I sit with these questions today too.  Life seems to be giving some extra big doses of difficulties that are causing me, once again, to grapple with these questions.

I figured I'd share all of this with you because I know we are all going through intensive processes of our own these days.

Listen, if you have wisdom and know things that work for you on this topic, please share them in the comments.  We all need to learn from one another's hard-earned wisdom.

May we be guided to new ways so we THRIVE in the midst of any circumstance,

With my deepest love,

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Life Hack for Losing Weight: Start an "Inner Diet"

A beautiful young mom and I had a chat this morning that led me to share this info.  I think you will relate.

It went something like this:  "I need to take off the weight that I put on from having my baby.  I'm trying a crash diet.  But, I'm exhausted and I need to give myself some grace and relax."

I asked, "What if you focused instead for a time on your INNER Diet?  What if you shed your worries and your self-judgments, what might happen with the extra pounds on your body if you did this inner work first?

"Hmmm, I never thought of inner weight....tell me more please..." she said.

In my years of helping facilitate life transformations, one thing has become CRYSTAL CLEAR:

 Long-lasting change happens from the INSIDE out.  Not the other way around.  

If a person tries to force themselves to change from the is more like putting a band-aid on that will eventually fall off and stop working.

Most who attempt to do only the external changes, will revert back to the old ways.  The weight will come back.  The relationships may improve for a short time but the patterns of chaos and drama will repeat with an almost uncanny preciseness.  The career path may move forward for a short time but they will find themselves spinning again before they know it.  The money might suddenly up-tick but soon the old financial pattern will rear it's ugly head.


Because what we are inside is what we create outside.  Plain and simple.  Without fail.

Said a different way:  As within, so without.  Your outer world represents your inner world.

Thus, if you want your life to change, look within, not without.

But who on earth has the fortitude to do the INNER WORK?  Very few.

Who will take the time to grow their self-awareness and do the inner transformation work for long enough to create LIFETIME results?  Not many.

Right now I have a mixture of laughter and deep tears inside me. The chuckles come because I know how simple the steps are to transform the inner world IF one is willing to put in the dedicated, daily, sweaty work.  My tears flow because I see how few people are willing to go inside to give it a try and to stick with the process long enough to get new results in their lives.  My heart breaks that more people aren't willing to give this inner work a fair try.

How I WISH that each person I encountered understood that it is the INNER DIET TRANSFORMATION that will create lasting results.  Not only lasting results, but incredible, awesome, amazing, miraculous results.

The INNER changes put us on a trajectory of success, peace, freedom and well-being.  By changing from the Inside out, we can learn to THRIVE --every day, all day, no matter what is happening outside of us.  We can begin to consciously build our inner world so that our heart's open up, our purpose is discovered and therefore, we naturally begin making new choices in our words and actions to build a life that FEELS GOOD TO US IN EVERY WAY. you want to know how to do this?  Are you sure you are ready to do so?  

Let me disclose:  this is not work for the faint of heart or for those who want a QUICK FIX.  This inner work is for the wise investors, the ones who see that if for 3 to 6 months they are willing to grow their awareness of the inner patterns, work to shift them day by day, they will reap enormous dividends.

If that last sentence doesn't describe you please immediately LEAVE THIS PAGE.  It would be better for you to just move on with your life and keep repeating your patterns as long as you so wish.  In fact, just forget everything I told you and stay UNCONSCIOUS.  Then, one day, if you change your mind, you are always welcome to come back here.

(I'm going to add a few images here so that those who are leaving the page do NOT get a peek at the simple next steps I'm going to share with the ones of you who are READY and DETERMINED and DEVOTED to your inner transformation...imagine a nice, lighthearted song playing as you scroll down and take in these images.)

So, at this point, only the one's who REALLY want transformation should be reading this.

Step one:  Observe your inner mental diet.

Most of us have created a hodge-podge diet of all sorts of thinking we were fed since we were children.  We have mental programming that is haphazard...and mostly based in fear, self-judgment, guilt, and pain.  I call all of that:  mental "Junk Food."  Imagine how you'd feel if all you ate was potato chips, chocolate bars and greasy meals.  What would the results be in your life if that was the case?

Well....perhaps you can answer that because you are not feeling well mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually as you read this right now.

Don't judge yourself.  It is what it is.  And, if you can see it all with a little grace and humor, you will feel more empowered to learn just what YOU have been doing to YOURSELF unconsciously for a very long time.

Listen, I know that can feel sad and uncomfortable to discover that you have been unknowingly self-sabotaging.  I've gone through this process myself.  I was HORRIFIED when I looked closely at my mind only to discover that I was filled with more fear and self-tortured thoughts than I would ever have guessed.  I actually cried and grieved when I discovered how awful my mental patterns were.

It's okay.  You really may not have known better.  And, even if you did know better, you may not have been ready to stop suffering.  We suffer until we are tired of suffering any more.

You picked up these ways of thinking  from the people around you -- your parents, society, the media, the church, your friends.  They unconsciously passed on to you what they thought was the best way to do it.  But---look closely-- most of society right now is running around thinking these thought patterns.  The results aren't very good for all of us, are they?  Depression epidemic. Addictions.  Abuse. Suicide. Wars.  Family Feuds.  Drama.  Unhappiness and a sense of meaninglessness.  It's not pretty.

But, there is REALLY good news in all of this:  Once you become aware of what your own patterns and what you are "feeding yourself" all day, every day, you find opportunity after golden opportunity to THINK better.  Awareness opens a powerful door to personal transformation.

When we do this work little by little, we begin to feel a little better each day.  As we feel better each day, we stay motivated to do the inner work because we see it is possible to feel REALLY well.

I'm going to give you three steps but I'd suggest for the upcoming week, you focus ONLY on the first step.

Step One:  Observe your mental diet in detail.  Find a journal to use as a tool.  For the next week, I want you to take stock of your thought patterns.  Here are the specific categories you should pay attention to:  Fears, Self-talk and Guilt.

FEARS:  Write down any and every fear thought or worry thought you have.  WRITE IT DOWN.  There is tremendous power in seeing what is going on in your mind on a piece of paper.  Take note of each and every fear no matter how small or how big.

SELF-TALK:  Write down the thoughts you say to yourself, about yourself.  The way we talk to ourselves is often incredibly awful. Most of us would never say to another person the things we say to ourselves in our the private corridors of our mind.  We beat ourselves up harder than we realize.  In fact, it is almost as if sometimes we take ourselves to an inner torture chamber and beat ourselves until we are bloody.  (Excuse my gruesomeness here, but that is what I observe working with person over person through this process).  Write down each and every mean, negative or judgmental thought you say to yourself.  It may not feel good to write it down, but do it anyway.

GUILT/PAINFUL MEMORIES:  Take time to notice thoughts related to feeling bad about the past.  What guilt thinking haunts you?  What painful memories of your past replay over and over and over ripping your insides to shreds?  Write it down.  Be kind to yourself as you do.  I understand how fragile your spirit may be as you take a close look at the traumatic, difficult past events you've experienced.  Remember that writing these down is going to open the door to healing.

Basically, step one is like going into your inner kitchen and taking stock of your mental diet.  What thought food are your cabinets stocked with?  If you are stressed, unhappy, depressed and upset inside, you are going to see pretty quickly that the cabinets may have a lot of super-unhealthy junk food in them.  That's ok!  It is what it is.  The key is to become more self-aware.

There are 2 more steps in this process of the inner diet.  I will quickly share the steps with you so you know what work will follow.

Step 2:  Redesign your thinking.  You will make a conscious decision what mental foods you want to eat to feel well and get different results.  This may not be easy for you -- because re-designing thoughts is hard if you have only ever gotten used to thinking the way you have thought your whole life.  You may need to find some external support (a coach, a therapist, someone who really does think well that you know) to go through the process of overhauling your inner thinking diet.

Step 3:  Practice, practice, practice the new thoughts until you create new habits.  This is where the daily practice comes in.  Day after day, you will work on "eating your new mental food".  You may see the old thoughts pop up, but you will learn how to be aware and shift your thoughts to our new diet over and over and over again.  Guess what, at some point, you will NEVER want to go back to the old thoughts because you will be so aware of how awful those thoughts make you feel.

This exercise can and will transform your entire life IF you do the work.  Some of you may be able to do this unsupported.  Others of you will need a coach to support you.  I've got 1,000s of hours of expertise if you want to hire someone to take you through the mental boot-camp.  We can move as slow or as fast as you are ready to go.  The key is to just keep showing up, growing yours self-awareness and allow the process of transformation to unfold within you.

I've gone through this process myself.  I know it doesn't feel good at first.  I can attest that if you stick with it you WILL feel better as you persist and you WILL get new results in your life.

Please share this blog with anyone you think is ready to do  the inner work.  Maybe you can even get a "buddy" to join you in doing step 1 for a week.  Hold each other accountable.  You could even get a group of friends involved and joyfully do the self-examination together!  A lighthearted, humorous approach with friends may bring some magic to the process.

So, I have written a few others tell-all about my own journey through this process.  If you want to read more on this topic - these three blogs lay out clearly what I did to transform myself from the inside out:

Step One:  Personal Treatment Plan - Observing the Inner Realms:

Step Two:  Consciously Create & Choose

Step  Three:  Practice, Practice, Practice WILL Pay Off: Insights to Support Your Transformation:

With all of my love,
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Permission to be Human as You Grow Your Personal Mastery

Yesterday I shared an intimate look into one of the key challenges in my personal life.  (  As the parent of a child with a  rare disease, I've realized the necessity of offering myself the permission to be human.

Once we realize that every circumstance we face is designed to help us grow, it becomes easier to stop the self-judgment.  We stop the blame of forces outside of ourselves.  We stop the worry about what others will think because of the "messy" situations we find ourselves in.  We can relax, open and begin asking the powerful questions that will guide us to our highest potential WITHIN the situation:

"Since I am experiencing this, how can this be used for my highest good and learning?  What lesson am I being guided to learn?  What fear or self-judgment is it time to release?"

These powerful questions bring us profound insights if we are willing to open our hearts and hear the answers.

For me, dealing with my daughter's disease is the situation that keeps me regularly on the cutting edge of growth.  For you, it may be financial struggles or a physical ailment that just doesn't ever seem to heal.  It could be a marital situation that causes you intense turmoil or a rift in your family of origin.  Perhaps you are stuck in a professional situation that you feel is insurmountable.  Or, maybe you feel that while everyone else is making progress in life you are just totally stuck and you can't find a way forward.

Whatever the challenge, if you choose to take a growth mindset and seek the deeper wisdom that can emerge, you will find that every situation can be used as a means of tapping further into your potential.

Recently, I learned a formula for Personal Mastery that has helped me in simple, yet profound ways.  I was introduced to the concept via the Positive Psychology Certificate Program I've been taking given by The Flourishing Center.

Personal Mastery is composed of three elements:  Self-Awareness, Self-Compassion and Self-Care.

If you begin to tune into this formula AS you go through life's difficulties, you discover a road map for creating well-being within the struggles.

Self-awareness is the ability to tune into and lovingly understand ourselves.  How am I doing today, really?  If I scan my mind, my emotions and my physical body and open to the messages it is giving me, I find guidance to help and care for myself.  Rather than feeling like I have to be strong all the time or that I have to pretend that everything is alright, I can instead be honest with myself.  I can allow myself to feel what I feel.  I become aware of the strong and subtle movements of my inner world that shout or whisper to me trying to get my attention.  I come out of personal denial and open my eyes to see what needs to be seen.  As I begin to see myself and what I need, I then must offer myself Self-compassion.

Self-compassion is the ability to be kind and loving toward myself.   It is the movement away from self-judgment.  It is a willingness to view myself like I would my own best friend.  It is bringing a gentle, kind view point as I look at my circumstances.  Self-compassion asks me, "What do you need right now?  How can I help you?  What can I do to help you through this?"  As I begin to offer myself self-compassion in the difficulty, I find a road-map to get the support I need to handle anything that comes my way.  Instead of beating myself up for things not being perfect, I give myself grace and open the door to asking for and taking step towards how to do more Self-Care.

Self-care is the skill of giving myself what I need on a daily basis.  Rather than being "a tough girl" and forging ahead as a soldier, I remember that sustaining myself for my life marathon is essential to living my potential.  If I need to have an honest conversation and spill my heart to a friend, a pastor, a counselor or therapist, I allow myself to do so.  If I need to take an hour nap, I do so.  If I need to take a break from the people around me so I can regroup, I do so.  If I need to simply pour myself a cup of tea or take a bath to relax myself, I do it.  Self-care requires the understanding that if I take care of myself well and as a top priority, then I will be better able to handle my circumstances and as needed, care for those around me.  If I am at my best, I can better serve and love and move gracefully through daily life.  I give myself permission to give myself what I need.

What resonates with you?  What opportunities do you see for more self-awareness, self-compassion and self-care?

I encourage you to take a few moments and tune in to yourself.  Grab a piece of paper and pen.  Take the time to gain clarity by writing down your answers to these questions or any other insights that you've gained by reading this blog today.

What is my mind, body and spirit trying to tell me today?

In what ways could I begin to be more self-compassionate with myself?

What care do I need to give myself so I feel better and can live more of my potential today?

What thinking am I allowing to get in my way of caring for myself?

This all seems simple, doesn't it?  It really is ONCE we get past the old beliefs and fears.

I am with you today in this quest for Personal Mastery.  The journey becomes a whole lot easier when we become more kind and gentle with ourselves.  As the self-judgment fades and the self-love increases, even the most challenging of circumstances can guide us to incredible growth!

Giving myself permission to be human today,

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Intense Challenges = Enormous Preparation - Trust the Process

It was a beautiful day, everything had flowed as normal in our daily schedule.  And then, we had a "Prader Willi Syndrome" episode.

Those of you who follow my work know that my oldest daughter came to the planet with a rare disease few are familiar with -- P.W.S.  For the most part, Maggie is a rock star.  We have found a way to thrive even with the constant 24x7 sense of intense hunger she feels.  (Yes, in a nutshell, because of missing a tiny piece of Chromosone 15, she feels hungry no matter how much she has eaten...and to top it off, her body is always tired.  For just one moment, imagine being in her body.  How does life feel for you when you feel hungry AND exhausted at the same time?)

There are times, like a day ago, where intense moments arrive.  Maggie's brain works differently than a typical brain.  When you or I get upset and go into "fight or flight mode" we have the ability to use the front of our brain--the pre-frontal cortex--to calm ourselves down and over-ride our emotional reactions.  Maggie doesn't always have that capacity.

Over the years, I've learned to be the "holder of the space" while these scenes unfold.  I understand clearly that Prader Willi Syndrome sometimes takes over.  The kind, gentle, love-filled Maggie is overcome by a PWS storm.  And, it is often a matter of sitting in the storm with her until the enormous, highly-charged emotions complete their cycle.

After the storms, she often falls asleep, completely exhausted by PWS.  Then, those around her, affected by the episode, need time to process, express our emotions and then work through the aftermath of our own feelings.

I don't share this for pity.  I share this to give you a snapshot of my beautifully "imperfect" life.

Yesterday, when I woke up, I realized that my energy body was still filled with emotional charge.  So, after getting all my children launched, I knew that I needed to care for my own well-being.  I found a way to channel my own emotions and I took a walk and had a chat with God.

God, "Why, why, why is this the path you put us on? I am tired.  I want to be beyond this.  I don't want this for my child and I don't understand why you set up our life journey with this difficult disease?"

As I breathed out the tears and opened up my mind to listen, a clear message came through.

"Trish, you are given this over-the-top, un-heard of disease so that you are fully trained to handle any situation that comes your way.  You are growing a capacity to be un-shakeable.  Your vision of helping people around the world reach their potential means you are being offered the perfect training ground to be fully and completely prepared for the assignments ahead.  Be glad not sad.  Be peaceful not upset.  Trust.  Open.  Choose to continue to see this experience from a Higher Perspective.  Maggie is a gift to the World and so is your family.  See how you are all being expanded, grown and perfectly prepared for the service to humanity you know is ahead of you."

It all makes sense when I see it in that light.  In fact, I see the perfection of it all 99% of the time.  Because Maggie arrived with PWS, I transformed my entire being from the inside out.

Because there has been a constant stream of challenges with this disease, I have had to face more and more of my childhood traumas and do regular, intense inner clean-up so that I could find peace, even joy, no matter the circumstances that emerge.

Because of the struggles, I am becoming the best version of me that God intended me to be.

So, I give myself the permission to be human and FEEL what I feel.  And then, I open to the Mind of God and allow myself to see it all from a higher perspective.

Why bother spilling my heart like this to you today?  Because each of us has our own Divine Training Plan we are encountering.  Yours may not have a rare disease involved, but I am certain that the challenges you face are intimately tied with the visions you have for your life.  When things are difficult, it doesn't mean something is wrong.  What it means is you are being prepared, deepened, shaken up, called to become more AWAKE and open to your potential.

As I surrender and allow myself to enjoy the perfection of these intensely complex circumstances of my life, I smile now more than ever.  I can even chuckle at it all!  I see how each of these episodes makes me a better version of me, gives me more compassion and empathy for those I serve and guides me to new heights and breadths of wisdom than I ever thought feasible.

I am being trained to be joyful IN the struggles.  I am learning to be peaceful even in the wildest, windy storms.  I can tap into the Divine support, grace and wisdom required to handle anything that comes my way.

How would I know that these gifts are emerging within me if I didn't have a tests to show me how much I've grown?

Intense challenges = enormous preparations for living our purpose and potential to the fullest extent feasible while we journey on planet Earth.

How might your life feel if you viewed the difficulties from this vantage point?

Would you be able to lighten up?  Laugh a little more even as the storms arise and pass over you and your family?

Might you more deeply tap into a peace that passes understanding on a daily basis?

Trust the process.  We are more cared for, guided and helped than we realize AS we are moved through this Divine Training Plan.

It is more well than each of us realize....I hope you have increased vision to see that today,

With a smile,
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.