Sunday, March 8, 2015

On Purposefully Slowing Down and Creating an Amazing Spring!

The air today is full of Spring hope.  Snow is melting as sun shines down.  I sense possibility.

I woke up bombarded by a daughter's request, "Mom, can I please go with a friend on a hike today."  From my sleeply blur I almost said Yes.  But as I thought through the day, I realized making that committment would mean removing time and space for our family to simply BE. 

It is simply too easy to be out and about from day break to sunset.  I've fallen into that trap on a regular basis over the years.  And, when it happens I end up exhausted, drained emotionally and lacking a sense of joy.  Life becomes more of a pressure to get to the next activity and less of a spontaneous enjoyment of simple wonders.

After I got my coffee, I opened my journal and created a page called :  Clarity for Spring Schedule.  All day I have been sitting with the question, "How can I purposefully design a schedule for myself and my family this Spring that will allow us to be energetic, peaceful and joyful?"

I can't say that I have all my answers yet.  But, I am certain that I am asking the right question.  That's a good start-- because Divine guidance and ah-ha moments will arrive in due time. 

In fact, only hours after posing the question I turned the TV on and heard some inspired thinking from author Pico Iyer as he was being interviewed.  I jotted a few quotes down:

"Making a great living is not the same as making a great life."

"Home is not where I lived but what lives inside me."

"Go to the inner health club."

"Turn off the noise and create space for hearing creative answers."

"Stillness brings sanity."

I smiled.  These truths were exactly what I needed to hear.  I'm sure God is chuckling as I wake up to these truths once again.  I felt a deep sense of confirmation from above as the Spirit whispered,  

"Yes, Trish, SLOW DOWN.  SAVOR LIFE.  BE more and DO less.  Create a schedule that offers you and your family members well-being and connectedness.  Know what you want to experience and build a life that will allow you to create it.  You have more power to do this than you have yet tapped into."

Several hours have passed since these realizations.  I'm still smiling as I write. The day has been gentle--a time to journal, a walk with my daughter, some homemade food and time to write this blog.  I feel relaxed (rather than tense) and open to the flow of inspiration.  That's how I want my Spring to be.  Today I lived the energy which I wish to project into my schedule.

So, how about you?  What will your Spring look like? 

Here are some interesting questions to ponder in the week ahead:

What are the outcomes you are after? 
What is really important to you?
How do you want to feel every day? 
What do you need to make space for? 
What do you need to let go of that you may have outgrown?
How will you design your days and weeks so you get the outcomes you desire?

Hope you will join me in taking time to purposefully create your experience.  It's quite a fun adventure doing so.  I'd love to hear how it goes for you.  Please comment on the blog if you have ideas or drop me a note via my website or Facebook.  We are all in this together, dearest human brothers and sister;)

Thought I'd leave you with a throwback video I made a few years ago called Guiding Questions For Life's Journey: .  Enjoy!

With a smile,

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

From High Anxiety and Stress to Peace...You Can Do It!

Last week a situation I was facing stirred up in me a vibration of anxiety that I had trouble shaking off.

In fact, one night I laid in my bed tossing and turning, struggling to find rest.  I'd pray and sleep a bit, then wake up with intense fear piercing my heart.

The requests for inner peace that I made to the Divine were heard.  When I woke up, I stayed in bed a few extra minutes.  This idea came to my mind:  visualize the stress of the past few days melting off yourself -- let it move off your body onto the ground beneath you.  Let the past days go.  Fully release.  Start fresh.

After about five minutes of doing this, I sensed my energy shift and I rose to meet the new day.

During the last few days I was guided to some helpful resources and ideas that enabled me to move from anxiety to peace.  I wanted to share these with you in case they could be of help.

1.  Do 24 hours at a time.  My husband reminded me -- just live for THIS day.  Just one moment at a time, one day at a time.  The past need not predict the present or future.  Instead, just BE and OPEN and allow the day to flow.

2.  Breathe, breathe, breathe.  When constricted and upset, just breathe for several minutes.  Allow there to be space for calm to re-enter.

3.  Try a guided visualization.  Here's one in particular I found helpful:  Guided Meditation for Anxiety Relief

4.  Be grateful.  Find every blessing in your life, big or small, to focus on.  Look for the good.  If you do, you will find it.

Hope these ideas are as helpful to you as they were to me!

I wish you a week of peace (even if you are in the midst of big challenges),

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pregnant...Again?!? Yes, It's True

 Yes, that's right.  I AM pregnant again.

Many of you know that I just delivered a sweet, precious baby girl named Sage Adesuwa Omoqui on November 4, 2014.  For those of you who follow this blog, you know it's been a long time since I've written.  Since last February, all my creativity energy was focused on the developing baby inside me.  As the baby grew, my words on this blog shrunk. . . to the point that I didn't write.

Well, I'm back.  And, YES, the title of the blog is correct:  I AM PREGNANT AGAIN.  This time, thought, it's a different kind of pregnancy.  I am now pregnant with a fresh, more awakened version of my Self.  

As I have healed from the baby's delivery and reclaimed my body, I do feel something growing inside me:  fresh, new POSSIBILITIES.

One of my closest friends reflected to me several weeks ago, "Trish, when you were pregnant with Sage, it was as if your belly was full of wisdom.  Now that you have given birth to her, it's as if you are giving birth to a more complete version of yourself."

I'm excited.  As I meditate I am sensing aspects of my intuition that I had not noticed before.  My gratitude is expanding as I gain greater awareness of the tremendous blessings in my life.  I feel a renewed and deepened sense of the purpose for which I was put on the planet.  I'm more ready than ever to surrender to the Divine Will and allow LIFE to flow through me.

What will you give birth to in 2015?  I'm certain that there is something brilliant, creative, and joyful that can emerge from your being.   Are you ready?

I promise to share more here soon,

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Facing a World Cup Size Challenge? Here is Why to Celebrate it!

Any athlete that trains hard and wants to develop to her ultimate potential welcomes the opportunity to have her skills challenged at the next level.  She doesn’t shy away from the next big competition or a well-known team that is sure to put her level of play to the test.

The World Cup just gave us a remarkable show of this.  Teams brought together the cream of the crop players.  Beautiful, new stadiums, crazy decked-out fans and the highest level play imaginable on the planet caused millions to tune in.  Some teams rose to the occasion with shining moments of victory.  Others experienced devastating defeats along their journey.  But all took the challenge and in doing so, saw where their strengths were and where they still needed development.

It’s the same in our daily lives.  Those of us who are striving to grow into our highest potential recognize that our character and inner strength can only be shown when we are given a tough challenge.  How can we know if we have grown and mastered a lesson if we haven’t had the opportunity to demonstrate it?

The fierce struggles that come our way are immensely purposeful.  They are opportunities to be celebrated.  They allow us to experience ourselves in a new way.  They show us how far we have come and how much further fine-tuning we need to do.

And, in the midst of it all, we are supported and guided and helped in every situation.  God’s grace flows to us, refreshing us in the heat of the test.  We are given a second wind when things go into an over-time situation when our legs start cramping and we still have to finish the game in world-class style.  As we relax our minds and allow our creative inspiration to flow through us as we play the game of life, we can be amazed in those final shoot-out moments how the ball gently glides off our foot and into the net, scoring in a way that makes the crowds in heaven cheer us on louder than they ever have before.

Stand strong.  Rise up.  Meet the current set of challenges in your life with a smile, with an excitement, with a joy.  You are being given a new field of play in which to try out your life-skills and in which to demonstrate the depth of wisdom you have already cultivated.  At the end, whether you have lost or won, you will have played your heart out and you will see how far you have come and how far you have yet to grow.

This week I join with each of you on the field of life.  Yes, my heart is pounding as this new challenge comes my way but I know that this new difficulty can and will bring out the best of me if I flow in the moment and allow the wisdom and grace of God to infuse me.

With all my love,

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Very Special March Madness - Insights to Help You Rise to Your Potential

Some of you may not know that I played college hoops at Princeton University.  I then went on to play professionally in Brazil, England and Sweden.  For me, March Madness is an awesome time of year.

This March I have had the privilege of being a coach for Special Needs basketball in Upper Merion Township.  Each Saturday morning we gather for our own version of March Madness.  The times with the kids and the teens and adults who serve as Buddies during practice have been extraordinary and inspiring to me.

There are amazing lessons that I learn each week. I wanted to share some of these insights with you.  

1.  Be YOUR personal best.   As a coach, it has been a challenge to design drills in such a way that each child can practice and be challenged at their own level.   The range of abilities in this group is vast—we have kids who are athletic and kids who need adult- assistance to move around the court.  Progress for each child means something different.  For a strong, young lady named Meghan, progress means she can dribble once or twice in a row with a buddy holding her hand and assisting her.  Progress for a child like Cooper means dribbling through a maze of cones and not losing the ball as he strives to move faster.  We don’t compare levels in our basketball practice.  We seek to help each child rise to their personal best. 

What would rising to your best mean for you personally and professionally?   Try this week to let go of competition and comparison.  Instead, focus your energy on that next major step of progress you are ready to take.  Then, give it your all!

         2. Giving assists is just as important as scoring.  At practice, a young man named Jeremy has the capacity to take over games both offensively and defensively.  This past week during our end-of-practice scrimmage, he started to do so.  I quietly asked him to please get the ball to his teammates so they could score as well.  That’s just what he did.  Rather than dominating in points, he started looking for his teammates and set them up for success.  In spreading the scoring wealth, everyone on the team was given an opportunity to feel the thrill of basket-making.

Are there areas where you consistently shine?  Perhaps there is a way for you to assist others in rising to their potential so they can shine too.  Consider stepping back strategically this week to let others enjoy spotlight moments.  

3. Ask for and receive a Buddy’s help you when you need it.  At every practice we have at least one Buddy per player.  The Buddies come to support and guide the players during drills and games.  The players love having a buddy that pays special attention to them and provides them camaraderie and assistance whenever they need it.  The buddies are patient and wise, helping the players when they need it yet giving enough space to the players so they can be as independent as possible.  Our buddies feel the enjoyment of having helped a child enjoy the thrill of participating in basketball.

In what areas of life would it help you to seek out support from a buddy?  If you are struggling or stuck, you needn’t suffer alone.  Friends and family enjoy offering their support.  Ask for the assistance that you need.  Let your buddies enjoy giving the help while you receive the assistance and make the progress you need.   

4. Celebratory dances are invigorating.  Cole is a short, dynamic player who has the ability to score on the regular size hoop.  This past week he was on fire—shooting and scoring with ease.  After one of those baskets I saw the fans start to smile and joyfully laugh.  When I turned around and looked at Cole, I saw him doing an NBA-style celebratory dance with the in-your-face confident facial expressions and hand gestures included.  It was awesome to see this young man be so jubilant.

When was the last time you took a moment to do your own celebratory dance?  Take time this week to notice your progress and accomplishments—big or small.  Then, stand up and do a victory-dance.  Feel the joy of growth and achievement!  

I feel a bit of sadness that next week is our final practice.  Watching these special athletes develop has brought me tremendous joy and inner satisfaction. 

I pray these lessons and ideas assist you in rising more fully to your potential this week!

With my love,
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.